Experiencing an Emsella Throne Session

Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control which affects more women than men. It can be a difficult issue for men and women to talk about, which creates a hindrance towards seeking medical treatment.

The good news is: urinary incontinence is treatable by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles (PFM). And Emsella is the tool that can help you do that.

Emsella is a technological breakthrough cleared by the US FDA to treat urinary incontinence. Its key effectiveness is based on focused electromagnetic energy which induces 11,000 supramaximal PFM contractions in a session. This results in the clenching and tightening of the PFM to re-educate and strengthen them.

Experiencing an Emsella Throne Session

A Typical Emsella Throne Session
When a client decides to go to a doctor for treatment of his/her urine leakage, the doctor will discuss about the client’s current condition, relevant gynaecological or obstetric history, and share how Emsella works to treat his/her incontinence. There will also be discussions on other relevant medical history, and the doctor will determine if the client is suitable for the treatment.

A Typical Emsella Throne Session

Emsella is non-invasive. It does not put the patient through an intimate examination and the patient can sit through the treatment with his/her clothes on. It is a safe procedure as well. However, patients who have metal implants and IUD devices, and/or have heart disorders are not advised to take this treatment.

An Emsella treatment typically consists of 6 sessions. The doctors will monitor your improvement after each session. Sitting on the Emsella throne will strengthen your PFM, with each session inducing 11,000 PFM contractions to achieve this. In fact, you can expect to have less urine leaks after the very first session.

The Emsella Experience
The treatment is very easy. The doctor will guide you to sit in the right pelvis position by placing the weakened part of the PFM on the chair, and tilting the pelvis forward or backward according to the treated area. Keep a straight spine and relax your arms on the thighs to easily maintain the position. If you are unsure where your muscles are, check with the medical staff that you are doing it correctly and let them demonstrate the position best suited for you before starting the procedure. Sitting cross-legged, slouching or lifting your feet off the ground are some common mistakes to avoid when sitting on the chair.

During the treatment, you will experience intense contractions and tingling of muscles due to the electromagnetic energy stimulating the PFM, causing supramaximal contractions. However, you will not feel intense soreness and can resume your day’s activity immediately after the session as the technology releases lactic acid during treatment. The entire session is very comfortable. You can even read a book or watch TV while at it. It is a walk in the park!

Follow-up treatments can be scheduled 6 months later to check on your muscle tightness. You can also return according to your needs. During post-treatment, there is no internal examination. Your doctor will ask questions to understand your condition and whether another treatment session is needed.

After your Emsella treatment, you will be able to regain your life and get your confidence back! Emsella is the throne where you can begin your journey free from urinary incontinence! So book a session with your doctor now!