Be Authentic! Be the Real You!

Medical aesthetic treatments have been improving rapidly over the years, with technological advancements that are increasingly able to meet consumer expectations. In fact, medical aesthetics is one of the fastest sectors in the medical industry to implement cutting edge technology in consumer treatment

For example, one of the latest trends that consumers can look forward to is aesthetic treatments that help to delay the signs of ageing. One of the things that science has made possible is the regeneration of cells. Personalised aesthetic treatment plans based on this technology can now be devised for individual patients based on their genetics, behaviour and lifestyle.

By pursing the best in medical innovations, medical companies have invested greatly to provide the best aesthetic treatments to consumers and raise industrial standards. It is important to support these efforts and choose authentic devices. This not only ensures that you get the best genuine treatment; it also fuels a virtuous cycle of investment in research and development.

Research and Development
At the core of these cutting-edge companies is research and development (R&D). Medical aesthetics is part of the portfolio of many medical companies, who also usually perform R&D in other medical fields. For example, while BTL has its core in providing solutions for rehabilitation and orthopaedics, particularly in terms of muscle re-education in post-traumatic conditions, its Emsculpt Neo body sculpting treatment leads in innovation by combining muscle building and fat loss, through the simultaneous application of radiofrequency and HIFEM.

Research in Applicators
Good body sculpting treatment requires good applicator design. There needs to be a minimisation of the potential for error and effective design controls. There is often a need to think outside the box to create better applicator designs.

Over the years, there have been many improvements in the design of applicators. There is now better grip design, and better inbuilt cooling to prevent burns and pains. Improvements in design have also facilitated more effective delivery of heat to thin tissues, while patient comfort and ease of use for users have been greatly enhanced. Take the example of BTL’s Exilis 360. The applicators facilitate real-time monitoring so that the fluence can be adjusted immediately to suit a patient’s comfort, regardless of skin density and colour. Meanwhile, Emcsulpt Neo’s latest applicator – the Edge – is designed like a belt around the waist. This allows better treatment of the obliques for a smaller, tighter waist.

BTL treatment providers must be trained, qualified and certified in order to perform BTL treatments. Hence, you can be assured of the professional level of care provided by authentic BTL treatment providers. The training provided by BTL gives the practitioners an understanding of the science behind the devices. This ensures that they can better and more accurately assure patients of their results, manage their expectations, tailor their treatments, and safeguard patient safety. Training is continually provided to keep the practitioners abreast of the best practices and the latest technologies.

Choose Authenticity
An authentic treatment is luxurious in terms of its service level and scientific quality. From the efforts put into research and development, the design of applicators, to the training and certification of service providers, you know you are getting the best non-invasive treatment from BTL for your aesthetic desires. Always choose authenticity. You will be guaranteed of real results! Be the real you!