Innovative (Rehabilitative) Ageing Solution BTL Emsculpt for Sarcopenia

The clock starts ticking once we hit our 30s and our muscles start to deplete. This is the natural process of sarcopenia. It is the natural vanishing of muscles that creeps in unnoticeably. It happens quietly over the decades and before you realise it, where once your calves, biceps and abdomen were lean, they are now flabby and weak. You may also start to feel wobbly and frail.

A loss of muscle mass also results in a loss of muscle strength. This reduces stability and increases the risks of falls. Sarcopenia is worsened by a sedentary lifestyle and other biological factors, such as a lower metabolic rate and weight gain during menopause. The fast-twitch muscle, which produces speed and a large amount of force in a short time, deteriorates. This is the cause behind most falls. In addition, you may end up with a lower tolerance for sickness. You stay ill longer as your healing slows down. Osteoporosis and arthritis can be exacerbated without muscle support. What can you do to reverse this process?

It is never too late to rebuild your muscles. BTL Emsculpt/Emsculpt Neo is the game-changer here. It is especially helpful if you are in your fifties and beyond.


BTL Emsculpt/Emsculpt Neo for Sarcopenia

Emsculpt/Emsculpt Neo pushes your muscles beyond the limits of workout to grow your muscles within a short span of time – without exercising. If you cannot pull up resistance bands, move during zumba or stretch during pilates, Emsculpt/Emsculpt Neo is the perfect place to start. And the even better news is: Almost anyone can use Emsculpt/Emsculpt Neo, even if you have an underlying condition like osteoporosis.

Emsculpt/Emsculpt Neo is the easiest thing in the world to do. Just lie down and relax. A nurse then applies a body sculpting pad to your desired treatment area. BTL Emsculpt applies High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM+) technology into your weakened muscles to strengthen them. At the same time, radiofrequency-generated heat targets the deepest layer of subcutaneous fat cells, shrinking them. The process is painless and no anaesthesia is required.

As a result of the 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions induced, your targeted muscles will be strengthened. Your body responds to the stimulation by rebuilding and repairing your muscle tissues, resulting in stronger and firmer muscles. Think of it as resistance training done perfectly – every time.

At the end of 4 sessions (30 minutes per session), your muscle mass can increase by 25% while you may shed off about 30% of fats. With BTL Emsculpt, you gain in years. 50 becomes the new 20 as you regain firmer muscles. Boost your quality of life and visit our specialist clinics for a consultation now!