Building Muscles Strengthens Bones!

It is well known that exercise can prevent fractures, but few know that building muscles can strengthen bones. Bone mass peaks in our 30s. Thereafter, most of us begin to lose bone mass without regular exercise. Moreover, physical activity alone may be insufficient to increase overall bone mass.

Bone density may increase by 1-2% in adulthood, but this increase only occurs under stress from a heavy load.

Bones, like muscles, are living tissues that respond to exercise by becoming stronger. There is much correlation between bones and muscles. Bones are connected to skeletal muscles, and muscles tug on bones during movement and exercise. As muscles get stronger and bigger, the bone responds to the stronger physical tug by getting stronger and bigger too.

Muscle strengthening and weight-bearing exercises can improve muscle mass. Muscle strengthening exercises include exercise bands and weightlifting. They enable muscle tendons to pull on the bones. The body then responds by building bone density, resulting in stronger bones. On the other hand, weight-bearing exercises include things like stair climbing and brisk walking. The body also responds to these exercises by increasing your bone density. 12-20 minutes of such exercises thrice weekly will help to increase your bone density.

Besides these exercises, you can also strengthen your muscles under intense load with Emsculpt Neo. And with Emsculpt Neo, you will not even feel the pain!

Emsculpt Neo
Emsculpt Neo emits two energies simultaneously: HIFEM+ energy is emitted for muscle toning, while synchronised Radiofrequency is emitted for fat reduction. During the procedure, Radiofrequency heats up your muscles. The temperature quickly raises by several degrees.

This process is like a warm-up exercise. HIFEM+ then intensely stimulates the muscles. It can rachet up to an intense workload of 24,000 supramaximal contractions. This is like a strength-training exercise, just far more intense.

When exposed to such extreme conditions, muscle fibres get damaged. The body is forced to repair the muscles’ inner structures. This results in the growth of muscle fibres and new proteins, increasing muscle density and volume. Your muscle tone and strength are improved. The body is also better adapted to take on more load.

Emsculpt Neo is comfortable, safe and has no side-effects. It has no downtime, so daily activities can be resumed immediately. It is also an FDA-cleared body sculpting device. Each Emsculpt Neo session takes only 30 minutes. Clinical studies have shown that muscle mass increases by 25%, while fat decreases by 30% after treatment. Emsculpt Neo can be applied on various parts of the body, including the buttocks, biceps, triceps, front thighs, back thighs, inner thighs, saddle bags and calves.