Choosing the Real Deal Why You Should Choose BTL’s Original FDA-Approved Devices

Counterfeits are imitations of real products that are manufactured without approval from the owner of the brand. They are usually of substantially lower quality than the authentic products. Often, they are poorly made, but are designed to look like the originals. The treatments often cost less but there is a possibility that their use may pose a danger to the users.

Unfortunately, many well-known and successful companies in just about every industry fall victim to counterfeiting. BTL is no exception.

Cheap knock-offs of BTL devices have been uncovered at various beauty salons and clinics in Singapore. These knock-offs mimic the design of BTL’s devices, the branding and use fake labelling. Moreover, when powered up, these devices show no therapeutic effect. It is fortunate that BTL Singapore discovered the use of these counterfeit machines, and halted their use before more consumers are duped.

While many people may think that using imitation BTL machines is not a serious threat (even for those who knowingly go for knock-off treatments) and think they have gotten a real bargain, the truth is that using these poor quality treatments can have real, dire consequences. Consider the plight of patients who have gone for fake treatments and come out with burns because the “radiofrequency” used by the counterfeits is not the real deal. Electrical currents that are too strong and not well controlled can cause muscle damage and even destroy muscle cells. Most of the time, these devices perform at an unknown and lower radiofrequency.

Consumers often fall for the trick of false advertising, which may use images of original BTL machines or BTL materials to promise customers a bargain treatment with the same end result of a beautiful six-pack or visible fat loss (as using original BTL machines). This raises expectations of the counterfeit treatments and lowers consumers’ guard to their potential dangers. It is not simply about a waste of money. It is about the damage you may do to your body.

As body contouring technology comes closer to helping you achieve body perfection, the demand for such services will greatly increase. The risk of more unscrupulous vendors using counterfeit machines to earn your hard-earned cash, while placing you in immediate danger of injury, will only increase as well.

Choose BTL’s FDA-Approved Devices.

Firms that market High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Technology (HIFEM) devices, like BTL’s Emsculpt Neo, are required to comply with appropriate US FDA pre-market regulatory requirements before they may legally sell their devices. The firm must be able to demonstrate that their devices are as safe and effective as similar devices that are legally marketed. This must be supported with data. Devices that have not met FDA pre-market requirements are illegal.

The US FDA has received reports of shocks, burns, bruising, skin irritation, and pain associated with the use of knock-off HIFEM devices. Some injuries even required hospital treatment. Thus, it is important to choose only FDA-approved devices. There is nothing like the real deal!

If you have problems distinguishing between authentic and counterfeit BTL treatments in Singapore, the most certain way of making sure is to check for the clinics we have authorised. We train our professional teams to handle our BTL devices so that they are used safely and their effectiveness can be fully harnessed. Do not settle for cheap knock-offs, connect with our authorised BTL specialists here now: