EMSCULPT NEO, the fit future of body sculpting

Janiqueel has a look at a brand new method for shape and fit enhancement.


Working out and eating well are usually the first recommendations for changing your figure, but body contouring can pick up where those attempts leave off.


Using radiofrequency and the latest technology, EMSCULPT NEO targets, and treats body areas of concern, like love handles in particular and the lateral abdomen in general. Addressing fat deposits and muscle groups, the technology produces a sleek, new look while enhancing strength and flexibility, especially in those small pockets of concern that don’t respond to other exercises and high-tech aesthetic devices. This is NOT liposuction. Instead, it is a technique for those who are already quite fit but still have stubborn areas of unwanted fat.

EMSculpt Neo at Ageless Medical


Using high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM), Emsculpt Neo produces rapid repetitions of muscle contractions and rest periods. Like doing crunches until you can’t crunch another crunch, but without the pain and time-consuming exercise sessions, the Emsculpt Neo method firms muscles, especially in those stubborn small areas that don’t respond to other methods of body sculpting. Some clients report being thirsty after the sessions which shows that one’s body is working to create a new fitness tone.

“Neo” in Emsculpt Neo reflects the addition of radiofrequency to the hand-held applicator. Raising the temperature of the muscles painlessly, like warming up for an exercise session, Emsculpt Neo then raises the temperature of fat cells to the point that they are destroyed. It may sound violent and painful, but remember that all of this is happening at the subcutaneous level. In a few weeks, the detritus of these bygone fat cells are flushed out of the body. The result is like that of a meticulous sculptor putting the final touches on a masterpiece of design.

Usually, having two or three 30-minute sessions is a realistic goal. After the sessions are over, the client will feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to get on with plans for the day with a feeling of having done something positive and rewarding by giving attention to those bodily trouble spots. It’s fast and easy achieving real visible results even after the first session.

Paired with regular exercise and sound eating habits, results from the Emsculpt Neo sessions should last several months, When needed, extra firming sessions are easily scheduled. Many clients notice a positive change in back discomfort, posture, and core toning. As the muscles of the butt and/or abs contract and release, one can feel a positive tension increase.

All this is in a noninvasive technique that accentuates and builds upon the hard work of exercise and a smart diet, delivered from a device that builds muscle and burns fat. That, of course, is the goal of any body consciousness.

Your body is your sculpture.

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