Feel the Edge – No More Love Handles!

Love handles are a layer of fat just below your skin on the side and front of your abdomen which hide a distinct, sculpted V-shape for men or an hourglass body for women. They are extremely stubborn and hard to lose. Most of the time, a person may be skinny, but yet have love handles

Love handles do not appear immediately. They usually develop over time from poor lifestyle choices. For example, a lack of sleep can cause insulin resistance, which leads to fats being stored underneath the skin. On the other hand, stress can lead to higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone which triggers the storage of belly fat. Stress can also lead to poor food choices and overeating. Other things that can cause fats to accumulate around the waist include a lack of exercise and ageing.

Research has found that people with normal weight, but who have love handles are at higher risk of cardiovascular problems and diabetes. They have more than 50% greater risk of death.

One of the methods which people have tried to use in order to lose their love handles is spot reduction.

Spot reduction is the idea that exercising a particular part of the body can eliminate fats in that area. Hence, many people have tried to burn their abdominal fats through abdominal workouts.

However, it does not work that way. Spot reduction targets muscles that are relatively small and the effort is not enough to cause sufficient calorie deficit to get fats burnt. In addition, the body taps energy evenly from fats throughout the body and not just from one targeted area. As such, abdominal workouts alone would not make your love handles go away.


Edge Applicator
The good news is there is now a way for you to target and spot reduce your love handles. Emsculpt Neo’s new Edge Applicator is designed with precision and developed to treat key concerns, such as love handles.

The sleek applicator allows for better body contour fit and coverage spread, especially for curvy areas like the lateral abdomen.

The Edge Applicator emits HIFEM and Synchronised RF energies to simultaneously spot reduce your love handles. HIFEM stimulates 24,000 hyper-contractions like an intense workout which cause fats to burn. The intensity also causes fats to leak out as a residual effect. RF burns fats in the targeted area by heating the fat tissues, causing them to undergo a controlled cell death process which results in permanent fat loss. The body then eliminates the fat cells naturally.

With both HIFEM and RF, you can reduce your love handles more effectively. Clinical results have shown a decrease of up to 30% fats and 25% increase in muscle mass. This would help you to get a trimmer waist and a more defined tone. And all it takes is just 30 minutes per session to reduce your love handles! A total of 4 sessions is recommended.

The Edge Applicator allows you to target your love handles, and achieve a distinct, sculpted V-shape (men) or an hourglass figure (women). Visit one of our authorised service providers to find out more today!