Lifting the Floor – Emsella for Men

While incontinence occurs more commonly in women than in men, it is not an exclusive female phenomenon; men can also suffer from this condition too. According to a global research company, Essity, a quarter of men over the age of 40 experience some form of urine leakage, while approximately 15% of men between 15-64 in the US are affected by incontinence.

Incontinence can be a result of weak pelvic floor muscles. The male pelvic floor muscles are a supportive sling of muscles that act like a hammock. They stretch from the tailbone to the back of the pubic bone at the front. These muscles are special in that they support the bladder and bowel, especially when a person is standing. They also protect these organs from external damage. Pelvic floor muscles enable men to control their voiding and enjoy sex as they play a role in erectile function. When you pass urine or open your bowels, the muscles relax and then tighten to control the passing of urine, solid waste and gas.

However, when the pelvic floor muscles are weak, urine can leak out. This condition is known as stress incontinence. Stress incontinence happens when the muscles are too weak to support the urethra, which controls the release of urine. As a result, urine can leak when you cough, sneeze or laugh. Pelvic floor muscles can be weakened or stretched by ageing, prostate surgery, enlarged prostate, constipation, weight issues, persistent heavy lifting as well as smoking and long-term coughing. Sometimes, it happens when the prostate gland is removed, or when there is damage to the nerves or the sphincter. Weak pelvic floor muscles can also affect one’s ability to ejaculate, resulting in erectile dysfunction and reduced pleasure in the bedroom.

Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles is easy: Emsella can help to alleviate your incontinence by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. It can give you back your control and confidence.

Emsella is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that strengthens the pelvic muscles. It uses HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) energy to give your pelvic floor muscles a vigorous workout that is similar to Kegel exercises, but at much greater intensity. Emsella can stimulate up to 11,000 rapid, intense contractions to re-educate your pelvic floor muscles.

Results from clinical studies have shown that 95% of people who use Emsella see a significant improvement in their quality of life, and 75% see a reduction in their use of pads. In addition, many also reported an improvement in their intimate life.

Emsella is comfortable and has no downtime. Come for a relaxing 30-minute session on the Emsella chair. Simply follow the doctor’s instructions on how to position your pelvic floor muscles on the chair. Some patients see an improvement after the first session, while most patients see improvements after a few sessions. A total of six sessions is recommended, with two sessions scheduled every week.

If you are suffering from incontinence, and want to feel empowered and confident again, give Emsella a try. Emsella can help you to get your quality of life back quickly. Take the first step and seek a private consultation with one of our authorised clinics now. You will be pleased that you can say goodbye to leaking woes!