Look and Feel Like a Dragon with EMSculpt Neo

It’s the year of the dragon—are you feeling like one?

Sculpting a body that’s just as strong, muscular and slender as a dragon is no draconian goal with BTL’s EMSculpt Neo. As the world’s first FDA-cleared body sculpting device that combines two revolutionary contouring treatments into one, an EMSculpt Neo treatment eliminates fat cells and builds muscle at the same time in a single 30-minute session.

Capable of treating patients up to BMI 35, EMSculpt Neo utilises the power of synchronised radiofrequency (RF) and HIFEM+ technology to simultaneously achieve an average of 30% fat reduction and 25% more muscle mass (according to clinical studies) in 10 stubborn to remove areas.

So even if your body goals are feeling as mythical as a dragon at the moment, EMSculpt Neo can turn them into reality!

How Does EMSculpt Neo Work?

EMSculpt Neo treatments are completely non-invasive and do not require any surgery, needles or anethesia to eliminate fat and build muscle. The applicators used are shaped to fit specific treatment areas in order to maximise the fat-burning, muscle-building effects.

These custom applicators then emit synchronised RF and patented HIFEM+ energies simultaneously to work their magic. Synchronised RF heats up the fat and muscles of the targeted area to cause lipolysis (breakdown of fat) while HIFEM+ creates powerful supramaximal contractions, or the simulation of approximately 24,000 sit-ups or squats, to build muscle.

After treatment, the permenantly damaged fat cells will then be naturally flushed out of the body while the powerful but painless contractions initiate muscle growth that continues for an additional 5-6 weeks for maximum toning effects.


Why EMSculpt Neo?

There is no other FDA-approved bodysculpting device available on the market that provides the same results. With over seven peer-reviewed publications and numerous clinical studies that involve MRI, CT scans and histological data to scientifically prove the results of EMSculpt Neo, you can rest assured that this machine effectively delivers up its promised effects.

EMSculpt Neo is BTL’s first device that combines synchronised RF technology with patented HIFEM+ energy to build muscle and burn fat simulatenously.

The supramaximal contractions of HIFEM+ technology, unique applicator configurations as well as the addition of synchronised RF allows EMSculpt Neo to provide unrivalled muscle toning and fat-burning results.

So don’t wait till the year of the dragon ends, book your EMSculpt Neo treatments at our licensed clinics and achieve your dragon dreams today!