More than Skin Deep
Facial Muscles and Skin Lift

Ageing can have major effects on the skin density, fat content and muscle tone of our face. Over time, the deterioration of skin tone, elasticity and texture; loss of fat; and descent of soft tissues due to loss of muscle tone will result in the formation of lines and folds, as well as sagging on our face.

It is important to understand the aetiology of facial ageing before we seek facial aesthetic treatment. While there are many facial contouring options in the market, not all can provide us with the perfect face lift. There are many non-invasive treatments that only work on the skin, but neglect the muscles. Lifting the facial muscles can, in fact, result in even greater improvements in our facial appearance. This will help us with our smiles and make us look younger. Let us find out more about the muscles that shape our face.

The Frontalis
This muscle originates from behind the head and extends to the forehead, where it controls movement around the eyebrows and at the top of the nose, such as the raising of one’s eyebrows. When we suffer from visual fatigue, heavy eyelids or eyebrows, this muscle contracts to relieve our fatigue. Thus, this is an important muscle which we need to exercise in order to maintain facial lift.

The Zygomaticus Major
The zygomaticus major muscle controls facial expression around the cheeks, moving the mouth upwards and outwards when we smile. Our chewing and speaking movements are also controlled by this muscle. This muscle starts from the cheekbone and extends all the way to the zygomaticus minor as well as the sides of the mouth.

During facelift surgery, the zygomaticus major is often lifted to correct the contours of a sagging cheek. Tightening this muscle lifts the cheek, cheekbones, neck and lips; and greatly reduces the years on our face! Those who have a condition with this cheek muscle may suffer from Bell’s palsy as well.

The Zygomaticus Minor
This muscle pulls the upper lip backward, upward and across the cheek. When these areas lift, your upper teeth can be seen when you smile. This muscle is the reason why we see dimples when some people smile. When this muscle is tighter, your expression becomes more lifted and radiant.

Strengthening Facial Muscles and Lifting Skin
Strengthening the correct muscles can result in a lifting effect on the entire facial musculoskeletal structure. The brow gets tightened, the cheeks become lifted, and the jawline is more well defined. Even conditions like Bell’s palsy can be resolved.

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