The Emsculpt Neo Treatment Experience

Emsculpt Neo is a game changer in body sculpting that comes equipped with radiofrequency (RF) to help you lose fats and HIFEM+ to help you tone your muscles. Emsculpt Neo’s applicators come in different sizes to adjust to the different parts of your body. Let’s take a walk through of a typical Emsculpt Neo treatment procedure, which is simple, easy and completely non-invasive.

In the first session, the doctor will carry out a preliminary assessment to check if you are suitable and can be recommended to use Emsculpt Neo. Candidates who have metallic implants and IUD devices are not suitable. The doctor will discuss your medical history and also your aesthetic aspirations. At the first meeting, the doctor will explain how Emsculpt Neo stimulates muscle growth and cause fat cells to die by triggering supramaximal contractions in the area(s) of treatment. In subsequent sessions, the doctor will also review the progress of the treatment and the development of your muscles following the treatment. The objective is to help you achieve more confidence in your look and overall health.

When you enter the room, the doctor will ask you to lie down and a belt will be used to secure the applicator to the area of treatment.

At the initial phase of the treatment, you will feel a mild, gentle warmth due to the RF heating. This is similar to warm up activities during exercise and you will be adjusted to increasing levels of heat. The level of contractions will also increase. At about 4 minutes, the temperature reaches 43 – 45oc where fat cells will start to die.

During the treatment, the body will move due to the supramaximal contractions caused by the HIFEM+ waves. This is similar to getting a strenuous workout. Because of the muscle contractions, heat is evenly distributed which prevents complications. The waves stimulates the muscles in long and short bursts. It also goes into a mode that removes lactic acid out of the muscles. This reduces any sores after the treatment.

The HIFEM+ effect works to bring the muscles together, and even treats patients with diastasis recti. When the muscles come together and gets more firmed up, the waist becomes trimmer. Blood flow increases to the active tissues due to the heat, which increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to the strained muscle fibres, promoting faster muscle fibre regeneration and growth.

Throughout the treatment, the doctor will increase the intensity of the treatment, if you tolerate the intensity well. The applicator will also be adjusted during the treatment to maximise the efficacy. This ensures that the entire process is thoroughly monitored and that you are well taken care of.

The entire session takes only 30 minutes with no downtime, which means you can resume your daily activities. Emsculpt Neo treatment may feel intensive but it is never painful. You may call the following numbers to make an appointment at these doctors for Emsculpt Neo treatment.