Thighs are the New Abs! Emsculpt Neo: Treatment on Thighs for Men

While buff thighs have always featured (somewhat) on the list of masculine features that women take notice of, it has never been particularly high on the to-look-out-for list for women. Indeed, a lot of women are likelier to place the “six-pack” high on this list instead. The attractiveness of toned abdominals cannot be underestimated. It is a perennially attractive feature that women notice. However, 2022 may just be the year when the thigh takes its place alongside the abs as the must-see masculine feature for women – all thanks to Milo Ventimiglia!

In April 2021, hunky US actor Ventimiglia (of This is Us fame) was pictured leaving a West Hollywood gym in the shortest of shorts, which accentuated his pumped-up thighs, and the whole internet went bonkers. The viral pictures of Ventimiglia went “thigh-dal” and resulted in a tsunami of publications (from Harper’s Bazaar to People to Entertainment Online) swooning over his jacked thighs. Even newspapers like the South China Morning Post and the Guardian dedicated articles talking about this “phenomenon”. Seriously…wouldn’t all men die to have thighs that can make girls swoon…just like Ventimiglia’s?

Training the Thighs
Thigh muscles are one of the largest muscles in the body. They are made up of adductor muscles, hamstrings and quadricep muscles. These are powerful muscles for performance. They collaborate with one another to form a powerhouse for the rest of the body and improve movement. Focusing on them gives you greater strength, stability and power to perform athletically. Strengthening them also improves the rest of your body and gives you a more proportionate aesthetic.

According to a Danish study, boosting the muscles of the thighs and the calves boosts testosterone, which influences other muscles like biceps. Another study found that resistance training like squats and deadlifts works the thigh muscles and makes growing other muscles more efficient. Testosterone peaks during resistance-training exercises. The more testosterone gets stimulated, the greater the muscle growth, strength and endurance. Unfortunately, resistance training on the thighs is a lot of hard work. And it’d take some time before you see results.

BTL Emsculpt Neo
Is there a shorter way to toned thighs? You bet!

BTL EMsculpt Neo combines two popular technologies, HIFEM and radiofrequency (RF), which are two standalone procedures to build muscles and reduce fats. Like its predecessor, EMsculpt, EMsculpt Neo harnesses HIFEM to stimulate 20,000 muscle contractions that is not possible through mere manual exercise. Results have shown an average of 30% fat reduction and 25% muscle mass increment. Its RF helps to heat the tissues to melt fats which can hinder performance, while simultaneously, HIFEM stimulates muscles under extreme forces to tone and strengthen them.

Using Emsculpt Neo on your thighs will help you to get enlarged and more powerful thigh muscle fibres. It will help you see improvements in your thigh muscle definition and your athletic capabilities. So visit our authroised vendors today for a consultation on how Emsculpt Neo can help you achieve your desired thighs!